Cuptime, a smart cup can remind you to drink

Sorry to make you wait-that’s what they said.
The Cuptime took a longer time than expected and finally produced it.

DSCF2718.-jpeg DSCF2722.-jpeg DSCF2729.-jpeg DSCF2736.-jpeg

(Pictures taken by jaxlee)

It uses Tritan material as liner (Tritan is a material used for baby bottles in Europe, it won’t release BPA and other harmful substance after heat) and has four sensors built in: a pressure sensor, a 3D acceleration sensor, a temperature sensor and a touch sensor. With these you can do the following things.
The pressure sensor is responsible for monitoring how much water you drink every time; The 3D acceleration sensor can monitor the movement trajectory of the cup, it helps the cup know that you are drinking water rather than pouring water; the temperature sensor can determine the ambient temperature and the temperature can provide a reference for water plan; and the touch sensor automatically turn off the reminder if you are not around the cup.
Besides, with waterproof grade IPX6, we have no problem when soaking a short time during your cleaning. The official says the battery can last half a year, but honestly it may support 4-6 months. Temperature is indicated by color from blue to yellow to red, easy to read.


To get a better experience, we need to download an app (App Store)
Here’s the interface


The Cuptime contains 380ml water and is a real smart cup, it can accurately record every drinking water for you, remind you of the water in the most suitable time. You can store drinking water project data and synchronized to the mobile phone by bluetooth4.0, give you a full range of drinking water to remind considering your height, weight, age, etc.
However the lids can’t be close tight, it’s inconvenient to use a whole day if I need to hang out. Also another question, even if the Cup reminds you to drink more, will you listen to it?

After all, it’s a good technology if someone really needs it, for now the price is $178.90 at (
So, would you like to try?




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